sewnow! Summer Camp Cancellation Policy

Booking a camp requires payment of camp tuition. If you cancel your camp more than 2 weeks before the start of camp, we will provide a full refund. If you cancel less than 2 weeks before the start of camp, we are not able to provide a refund. Missed days of camp are non-refundable.

sewnow! Make-up Policy for Classes
We understand that is it sometimes not possible for students to attend every class in a session and we will try to accommodate make-up classes, as possible. sewnow! classes are progressive and a group teaching environment, so missing a class can lead to problems for both students and instructors. For instance, when a student
has missed the previous weeks' instruction, if the instructor must re-teach this lesson, it holds up the class and the whole group falls behind in the curriculum. We are committed that students are having fun, learning the skills, and keeping on track to finish their projects by the last class and it is not fair for one student to impact the experience of the group.

In most cases, we offer more than one time slot each week for a given class, and can usually squeeze in an extra student, if we are given notice, to join that class as a make-up. This is by far the best approach for the student and instructors. Because some classes have more "teaching" vs. "doing" depending on the course level and how far into the course, the make-up policy is variable.

Easy Make Up - Free. If you have given us 7 days notice and we can arrange for you to join another class time slot, there is no charge. Additionally, if the instructional content for the specific class missed is very basic and the work can be made up during a mutually convenient time, before the next class, there is no charge.

If it is challenging for your schedule and ours to schedule a makeup prior to the next class, you may also request the instructor catch up. This means the instructor will work on your designer's project to catch them up to the class so they can join in with the group easily during the next class time.  If we do not hear from you after a missed class, we will automatically do an instructor 'catch up' for you.

Basic Make Up - $20. If you have given us less than 7 days notice, or we need to arrange for an instructor to provide a "mini lesson" to make up the class, there is a $20 Make Up Fee.

Full Make Up (Private Lesson) - $50/hr. If you have given us no notice (i.e. we
have had staff on hand and equipment allocated but the student does not show up) or we need to arrange for substantial one-on-one instructor time to teach a full lesson with substantial instructional content, we will discount our private lesson rate of $65/hr to $50/hr.